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The Ultimate Batch Processor.

MYRIAD 4 is an industrial-strength audio file batch processor for macOS that offers a comprehensive set of audio and metadata processing actions, including Program Loudness normalization, high-end Zynaptiq KSRC sample rate conversion & dither, time-stretching, Audio Units plug-in processing, flexible fades, slicing, format conversion, and more. MYRIAD supports any sampling rate and channel count, is extremely metadata savvy, and supports Dropbox, Soundcloud, and FTP file transfers out of the box. 

If you deal with audio files on the Mac in any capacity, MYRIAD 4 will make your day. And if you deal with large numbers of files, it is – quite simply – an absolute must-have.

Part of the Mac Audio Apps Bundle

MYRIAD 4 is exclusively available as part of the Mac Audio Apps 2 bundle.

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