Zynaptiq LOOP EDITOR 2



LOOP EDITOR 2 is a macOS application for batch editing audio loops. Both classic sampler-style sustain and release loops, as well as audio loop files like ACIDized WAV as (WAVE or WAV64) and Apple Loops (as AIFF or CAF PCM/AAC/ALAC) are supported. Meta data authoring and audio slicing functionality are also provided, of course, as well as preview functionality to audition what a given Apple Loop will sound like when stretched or pitched in the DAW.

LOOP EDITOR 2 supports any number of channels and any sampling rate...want to loop your 2 mHz sampled 12-channel audio? Go for it!

Whether you manufacture sample instruments, libraries or loops for sale, or whether you want to get the most out of your personal sound library: LOOP EDITOR 2 will be an essential piece in your audio toolbox!

Part of the Mac Audio Apps Bundle

LOOP EDITOR 2 is exclusively available as part of the Mac Audio Apps 2 bundle.

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